Bring Joy- Radiation Recovery Cream

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This nurturing cream is for the body as well as the spirit.Ingredients: Calendula, Comfrey, Echinacea, Plantain, St. John's Wort infused in Sweet Almond Oil for six weeks, strained and combined with Beeswax, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E and propriety blend of essential oils.

This wonderful healing product keeps the skin moist, helps heal burns, reduce soreness, improve mobility, soothes the senses, helps prevent infection and generally loves your tender skin.

A 2 oz. jar is $20 with a portion of the sales of this product donated to the Shirley Rae Walker Moon Fund at the White Mountain Community Health Center in Conway, NH.


My inspiration:

When Janice was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time, I wanted to do something for her. I couldn't take the treatments for her, but I wanted her to know that I was there with her in spirit and wanted her to heal well and quickly. I have been making salves for over ten years and created a product I knew would keep her skin moist, protect it from infection and smell good. Janice loved it and felt it did make a difference in her skin and her spirit. I was able to Bring Joy to her during her six week daily treatments. This did my heart and hers a tremendous service. She insisted that I offer this herbal all natural product to others going through the same therapy.



A note from Janice:

p1011155.jpgJanice Crawford testimonial.  It is with "Joy" that I provide this testimonial for Bring Joy- Radiation Recovery Salve as an excellent balm for the burned, itching skin that often results from the insult of radiation. I was blessed with a cadre of women who surrounded me with love during my six week daily radiation treatment regimen. Each day a different female friend picked me up at my home in Fryeburg and drove me to the Breast Care Center in Scarborough, ME for a 10 minute treatment. Lunch was waiting for me for the ride to or from the appointment, soothing music would be playing on the radio and a neck pillow would ensure a sweet nap on the way home Bring Joy- Radiation Recovery Salve's pleasant scent, applied right after treatment would fill the car reminding me that my skin was being as well cared for as well as my spirit.  Nothing is more effective in the fight against cancer then the love of friends and their ability to show that love in the little things that Bring Joy!  Jen and I hope this excellent product will help you Bring Joy to your loved one and wish to thank you for purchasing it. A portion of the funds derived from the sale of Bring Joy- Radiation Recovery Salve are donated to the Shirley Rae Walker Moon Fund at the White Mountain Community Health Center in Conway, New Hampshire created to assist uninsured and underinsured women in accessing physicals and mammograms. It is without a doubt that early detection saved my life two times and can save many more if women are provided access.  THANK YOU!


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    Bringing Joy

    Posted by Martha Birkenshaw on 18th May 2021

    This cream kept my skin from itching and I only had redness and burn the week after I was done. I had very little discomfort throughout my treatment and would definitely gift it to anyone who needed radiation.

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    I never burned in 6 weeks of radiation! So I gift it to friends going through the same thing!

    Posted by Ellen Dursema on 27th Jun 2015

    I love this salve... the smell, the texture, the soothing relief...ahhh...beautiful product for relief through a very challenging time....

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    Mums healing process

    Posted by Pamela Page on 30th May 2011

    Hello ,I am writing to thank you for creating a salve that was significant in my mothers healing process. I also wanted to tell you that all throughout her radiation treatments she never had redness,soreness,burns ,blisters nothing as she would use the salve as soon as her treatment was finished.Her oncologist remarked on day before her treatment stating how fortunate she was that she had not of what i mentioned and she told her that I had gotten her the salve at my local health food store here in Lincoln Maine (Earths Bounty) and that she had used it after every treatment.The oncologist stated that not much stock could be put into such "home made" salves she attribited it to luck.However my mother did not ,although she compleated her last radiation treatment the day before Thanksgiving this past year and was succesful at becoming a breast cancer survivor she was taken away from us prematurely from colon cancer on May 24,2011. Which we had no idea that she had until she developed a blockage back in March. I wanted to tell you that I was so thankful that she did not have any lasting affect from radiation treatment and she also shared your salve to a friend who had a bad burn on her fore arm and it was successful in her healing process as well. I also used it 2 days ago as my youngest daughter had a terrible black fly bite that sweled and was itching and burning and making her misserable and ...I spread some salve on her bug bite and every complaint she had stopped. Once again thank you . Sincerly Pamlea Page